Lappia Hall

In Rovaniemi city centre stands one of the most recognized landmarks of Rovaniemi – Lappia Hall. Along with Rovaniemi City Library and Rovaniemi Town Hall, Lappia Hall is a part of the Rovaniemi Administrative and Cultural centre designed by world-known architect and designer Alvar Aalto.

Alvar Aalto’s vision

Architect Alvar Aalto was given the task to design Rovaniemi city’s street plan after the World War II. Aalto took inspiration from local nature and designed the street plan in the shape of a reindeer head. After the street plan he began to design the Administrative and Cultural center.

The first building to be completed was the library (opened in 1968). Lappia Hall was built on two parts during 1960s and 1970s. The Hall was finished in 1975 and the opening of Lappia Hall was the last opening the architect attended before his death in 1976. His wife, Elissa Aalto finalised the plans for Rovaniemi Town Hall which was opened in 1986.

The home of culture

Lappia Hall was desinged to be the home of culture. Lappia Hall is the home of Rovaniemi Theater but is also used as an event venue. Lappia Halls’ aditoriums and restaurants are used for many different events such as weddings, congresses, concerts and much more.

The most regocnizable part of the house is the fell-shaped roof. The roof represents the Lappish fells and the hills lights up when the first rays of morning sunlight beam the metal trimming of the roof.

Theater shop

Rovaniemi Theater shop is located in Lappia Hall lobby, centre of Rovaniemi city. The shop offers a variety of Finnish and Lappish jewelry, accessories, clothing, cards and much more. Shop’s selection changes regularly and includes also items from Finnish design brands e.g. Artek, Alvar Aalto and Pentik.

Very special event venue

Lappia Hall has three stage halls that are called Tieva, Saivo and Kero. Largest auditorium is Tieva with 386 seats. Kero is the smallest with 70 seats and is situated in second floor of the building. Cellar theater Saivo has 150 seats and a cocktail bar in the cellar of the house. The second floor has also a restaurant with up to 200 seats.